Severe Back Injury

The accident caused some serious back injuries and it was going to take a really long time for Nathan to recover completely and be able to work again. This meant Nathan was left disabled for a prolonged period. The family of four had no backup plans and Madison had to quit her job for she chose to look after her injured husband. Sadly, she couldn’t be there with him for long as she had to work or else their savings will be over and they’ll have nowhere to go.


Looking at the doctors’ approach, Nathan felt even more hopeless. Months passed but there was no improvement in his back injury. Nathan eventually started loosing even the slightest of hopes that he’ll be able to work and support his family ever again.

Car Might Be Useful

Searching For Options

They weren’t looking to spend a large amount of money on a car but only what a reliable car costs. After all, nobody wants a second-hand car that might break down anywhere on the way. They were going through some really rough days and were looking for good loan options. Little did know that they’ll end up losing even the last penny left in their accounts.