Young and Active

Liam was a boy of many interests. Although nothing can come close to the love he had for football but he liked doing many other things as well. He was a fit and active kid who loved taking spins on his bike along with his friends. It was his thing and he was never tired enough to not go for a bike ride. Well, all that energy must come from food and it wasn’t hidden from anyone that Liam was a foodie and his favorite thing to eat after a bike ride was pancakes that his mother would often cook for him. The boy had quite a healthy appetite for a boy of his age and it became a reason of worry for everyone when the boy suddenly stopped eating up to his potential. What was up with Liam?

Changes in Behavior

The kid was showing signs of future success at the start of the school year, but with the arrival of the winter and the fall semester ending, Deirdre noticed a minor difference in her son’s behavior. “One chilly winter afternoon, Liam handed me his cell phone and told me he didn’t want it anymore. I asked why, but he brushed off my inquiry with a shrug and slunk back to his room, closing the door behind him.” Deirdre said.

Growing Concern

Initially, Deirdre didn’t give much importance to the incident and she kept the phone and did exactly as Liam asked her to. The woman’s worry grew when she noticed some major changes in Liam which were very much against his personality. The boy soon stopped going out with his friends, he wouldn’t ride his bike any longer and by the looks of it, he had started to maintain a distance with his family as well. It was already too much at a time for Liam’s parents to handle but the worst was yet to happen.

Abandoning Soccer

According to his mother, Deirdre, Liam had lost all his interest in soccer by the end of the academic year. “Liam didn’t pick up his soccer ball for the rest of the summer,” Deirdre wrote on Facebook. “I was so confused.” The boy who never missed a day at training was now disinterested in the sport to the extent where he stopped playing it. While other changes in Liam could be understood but him abandoning soccer was something that didn’t make sense to anyone and it was a fire alarm that indicated clear signs of warning. Was Liam in some sort of trouble?

Troublesome Signs

Liam visited Saratoga, New York during summer vacations with his father. It was when his father too noticed a few signs of worry with his son. Liam’s dietary habits had changed dramatically and he would no longer eat as much as he used to. According to his mother, Deirdre, Liam had lost a lot of weight at the time which was a major reason for concern. “He started to eat just one meal a day.”

The Weight Continues to Drop

It’s natural for a parent to worry for their child and Liam’s weird behavior had worried his mother to the core. When his mother confronted Liam, the boy insisted that everything was good but it didn’t look so as the boy had lost 10 pounds of weight over the past month. Deirdre was not going to sit back and do nothing and she decided to take her son to a doctor. She could tell that there was more than it met the eyes.