Remarkable Discovery

“The remains of a woolly mammoth dating back to the ice age are among the latest remarkable finds from the team working on the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon project.” Explained Highways England spokesman. There were more they explained.

Woolly Rhino

He continued, “Operatives also discovered the remains of a woolly rhino, both at least 130,000 years old, during excavations for construction materials near Fenstanton in what was once an ancient river.”

Fantastic Finds

The spokesman further added, “They are the latest in a series of fantastic finds from the team building the new road, with other remarkable discoveries including; Prehistoric Henges, Iron Age settlements, Roman pottery kilns, three Anglo-Saxon villages and a deserted medieval village.”

The Purpose?

So along with the remains of woolly mammoth, they had also found the remains of woolly rhino. Well, the question is what these two beasts were doing together? Both the creature were prominent ones in their era. Naturally, it was a groundbreaking discovery.

Heavy Animals

Not many people know about these creatures for they no longer exist on the face of the earth. But there are many fascinating facts associated with them. An adult normally weighs in at about six tons.        

Ancient Beasts

Steve Sherlock explains that both the animals used to live in 1,560 BC. Well, it is during the same time the great pyramids of Giza were constructed.