This Changes Everything

The team had content themselves with these antiquated objects when something unexpected began to emerge out of the ground. Now, their curiosity had reached another level. The road not only had buried antiques from iron age only but also had restored a remarkable thing from the ice age.

They Were Lucky

Steve Sherlock and his team remained in disbelief for the first few seconds of discovering the thing. And after that, they were on the ninth cloud. After discovering the object they considered themselves the most fortunate people on earth. They believed their luckiest star were on their side may be that’s why the road workers called them in time. Had the workers kept on drilling the ground with the same strength and it would have broken into pieces and the remarkable discovery would have been nothing but shattered pieces of past. 

An Ancient River

Let’s begin with the beginning. The first question that came to their mind was what exactly this place was in history that has kept so many antiques from bygone days. After a bit of research, they learned that the place they were digging in was an ancient river. Well, this piece of information bred many expectations among them. As it was a river, the chances of finding animal remain increased multifold. But did they find anything like that?        

Giant Animals

You would not believe what Steve Sherlock and his team found buried beneath the once highly engaged road. The discovery had caused a ripple in the world of archeologists. 

Story Remains

The team had found remains of massive animals. Having said that it is important to clarify that the remains were not of any ordinary animal. As mentioned earlier the remnants belonged to the ice age and were of those animals whose existence had wiped off the face of the earth. 

Woolly Mammoth

Many of the remains belonged to a woolly mammoth. It was a historical moment for them. Steve Sherlock did need a moment to sink in the fact that they had discovered this. The real twist was yet to come.