When the Greater Clark County Schools got to know about the finding of the purse they thought they can reunite this wallet with its actual owner. They took their search to social media-particularly the Greater Clark County Schools’ Facebook page. They posted pictures of the bag with an appeal to inform if anyone knew Ingham.     

Lost and Found

The Facebook post was all about, “Lost and Found Alert: Martha Ina Ingham’s handbag from 1954 has been found in the Franklin Square demolition. We would love to return it to her or her family! Please contact Erin Bojorquez, Public Information Officer.” Soon the search got online.  


The Facebook post received many reactions and comments. And then there was someone who found a profile expected to be belonging to Ingham. Nature wanted it too. The post was going viral and one of the people who saw the post was one of the relatives of Ingham. The person shared the story with Ingham’s son who in return told his mother about this. 

Power Of Social Media

Erin Bojorquez, Greater Clark County Schools public information officer explained to the News and Tribune, “Marty was found thanks to the power of social media. A family member came across our post and then shared it with [her] youngest son. I’m thrilled I was able to connect with Marty’s family.”

Mailed Her

She further stated, “I hope this little piece of history brings back fond memories of her years at Jeffersonville High School. The purse was mailed to her yesterday.” The woman was astounded when she saw the purse that she had lost decades ago.

Who Was The One?

Everyone was curious to know who got the opportunity to take her to the prom? “We hope to answer the community’s question, and now the nation’s question, soon about who took Marty to prom,”