Alan McSmith is a tourist guide who loves to get lost in nature. Likewise one day he was casually going through an African forest with his cameraman when he encountered the death in its most horrifying form. He was standing right before an elephant that looked as black as thunder. The worst thing was that there was no turning back as the elephant was just an inch away from him. The man had never seen death so closely. The elephant was mad with anger and the man was completely disarmed. No doubt it was the most unwanted situation in his life that had already made him go weak at his knees. What would you have done in this situation? Well as far as this man is concerned, he did something very interesting. Read the story out and compare your strategy of evading the charging elephant with Alan’s. Do not forget to watch the amazing video of the same that will make you drop your jaws.

Alan McSmith

Alan McSmith is a prominent wilderness guide who has wandered in the woods of Africa for 25 years having total experience of 30 years. Along with being a wild explorer, he is a public speaker, writer, conservationist and founder of Wilderness Vision. By waddling through the thick jungles of Africa, he is promoting the meaningful connection between human and nature. He also conducts Meaningful Encounters (tours) for the corporate audience in Europe.  

As Guide

McSmith has served as a guide in the wilderness of Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana, and Zambia. This tour guide has lived an amazing life as a safari guide that became equally thrilling with the addition of this incident that would startle you completely. Check this story out and do watch the video that would surely put you in disbelief.

Risky Business

Experience teaches you a lot! McSmith has spent so much time in the shadow of trees and rivers of Africa that it has now become a second home to him. He had been living in wild for three decades. Very few people get the chance to make their passion their profession and Alan was lucky enough to do that. His career span as a safari guide had imbued him with confidence coupled with each and every knowledge required to handle the wild which was soon going to be put to test. And a really tough one at that.

Jungle of Africa

Africa has its 22 percent land covered with forests. And these forests are the hub of biological diversity that includes many animals, scaringly, of which some are infamous for claiming several human lives such as hippopotamus, lion, elephants, and many more. Though Alan was well versed in dealing with the inclemency of wild, he was yet to confront the worst nightmare of his life. In fact, something worse than a nightmare was waiting for him!

Ambling Through The Jungle

On the day in question, McSmith along with his cameraman was roving in the forest looking for some wild animals to record. Everything was going normal, the cameraman was walking after him and McSmith was in the front in search of something interesting. He was marching ahead when his eyes caught an unidentifiable figure. He could not make out what was it but knew very well that it was about to cause him a big trouble. Meanwhile, the figure was approaching him!


Gradually, the unidentifiable figure advanced towards them. The figure was getting clearer and clearer with every step it took forward. Penny dropped! McSmith realized what it was. And with the realization, beads of sweat began to form on his forehead. Unfortunately, there was no turning back now as that suspicious figure was looking them in the eye! It was going to be a real mess. To know more about the tensed situation check out the video on next slide.