This story features a dog and a cat and believe me it is not about fighting, killing or running after each other but about love, compassion, and faith in each other. Check the slides and get exposed to this usually ignored side of these animal’s nature.

Unbelievable Story

A cat running for her life from a dog is a very common sight. But have you ever seen a dog protecting a kitten? Both sharing a very truthful and honest friendship? Well, this story is just about that. It documents a Husky mother and a kitten daughter that breaks all the general perceptions people hold about their species’ acrimony. They, instead of falling into the cat-dog fight, preferred to do something unusual. They chose to love each other. The pair would surely overwhelm you with the purity of their friendship.

A Lonely Kitten

This orphaned three-week-old kitten was abandoned on the streets of Sana Jose, California to fend for herself when it captured the attention of the Bui sisters. The sisters filled with compassion for the puss took her home and tried to bottle feed her. It was not the first time the sisters had fostered animals.


They named her Rosie. Though she had gotten a house, she was deprived of something that she required the most at that point in time i.e. the love of a mother. The sisters tried very hard to cheer her up and feed her but the cat’s condition, on the other hand, kept on worsening as she had given up on food. The little Rosie had no idea how detrimental her behavior could be for her.


The sisters also had Huskies as pets and one of them was called Lilo. Much to Bui sister’s astonishment the dog met this sullen kitten with a very friendly approach. What do you think happened next?

Siberian Huskies

Image result for rosie and liloSiberian Huskies are very adventurous by nature. They are fearless and love to have people around. They have a very friendly nature towards strangers and other dogs. Huskies are intelligent too and have a good prey drive.

Unexpected Bond

Well, it is indeed difficult to believe, but the kitten and dog soon struck up a very strong bond. Husky begun to take care of her and her every tiny need. She used to lick her and nuzzle her. To put it more clearly, she treated her like her own pup. Nobody had ever expected that this small cat would find her foster mother in a dog.