Father’s Job

The main problem for the parents to keep the puppy was that Nichole’s father was had taken up a job in customer retail and most of his work happened from home. With Chole barking all day long was getting difficult for him to talk to his clients over the phone. 

Hard Work

Nichole’s father had a tough job and he needed to keep it. This meant that they will have to let the dog go. Which was not their decision to make. They had to ask Nichole and they were sure how she would react. 

Nichole’s Decision

This had to be her decision and finally, after thinking a lot her parents decided to tell her. When the news was broken to her reaction was obvious but her decision was surprising. When her parents told her about this she acted really mature. 

The Solution

Nichole’s father plated the idea of giving Chole for adoption as he also wanted to make sure that Chole lived a happy life. He went ahead and expressed his thoughts to his daughter. What Nichole said made her father sure that her daughter was now a grown-up. 


Nichole was completely heartbroken by the thought of letting her dearest friend go but she was mature enough to understand that it was necessary for her father to keep the job and for that to happen she will have to let Chole go and she decided to do it in favor of her parents. 


The adoption was planned but Nichole wanted to be sure that the family that would be adopting Chole would be loving towards her and will keep her happy. They began looking for a good adoption center that would help them to find a new home.