Having Fun

Life was very good for them. They enjoyed each other’s company. Nichole would take her pup out in the park and they would play and roam around all day. Even at home, she would keep playing with Chole. Her friends also liked Chole and Nichole was sure that she would be in the company of her best friend. 

Bonding Ahead

As days passed, their bonding grew deeper. Nichole with her friend was having the time of her life. Her grandma was happy to see her bond with the pet. The story of their friendship is what Nichole boasted off. 


More time passed and both of them became inseparable. Nichole never even came across the thought of spending her time without Chole. But was she right? Will it always be like this? Things were about to change and Nichole will absolutely not like what was going to happen. 


In the beginning, it was wonderful for Nichole parents as well. They were delighted to see their daughter happy and it was all they could have ever asked for. But soon some problems became evident enough for them to think of something that Nichole would never approve of. 

 Things Turning Bad

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Nichole’s parents were hesitant to discuss the problem with her as they thought this would hurt her but for the last few days, things had turned ugly for Nichole’s father and surprisingly the reason was Chole. They were still looking for an opportunity to talk to their daughter. 

Agitated Puppy

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Chole was still just a puppy and she would playfully run around the house. It was just that she couldn’t live without Nichole and when she was not around she would make a mess but this wasn’t the only issue.