Emma had no option left with her and she had to let the guests out of her house, out of the sight of Waffles so that she could be normal. Emma thought that Waffles was being extra possessive for her. This fact made her smile and cry at the same time.

Way Back To Life

From the day she made those kitties out of her house, she experienced a difference in Waffle’s behavior. Waffles, like a happy kitty, purred and meowed every day. She ate healthily and was in a happy mood. This ultimately affected Emma as well. She too was happy and trying to interact with people enthusiastically. 

Gloomy Again

Sunny days could not last long. Two months later, Emma discovered that her cat was not in a happy state. She sensed something was wrong which made her more tensed. She could not see her Waffles like that so she thought of cheering her up by buying her expensive cat food. But, this could do no good for the cat.

Medical Help

Emma, confused by the situation, thought of seeking medical help. She believed that Waffles must be going through internal pain hence reached a veterinary doctor for help. Waffles went through several check-ups and was declared “healthy” by doctors.


Emma was too concerned for Waffles and took up all the advice she got from anyone. She even painted her room blue on being told that cats like blue color. Emma was totally ignoring what was her cat actually up to and did what she felt was right.

That Window

Days passed by and so was the time. The only thing that remained constant was the window by which Waffles started sitting and peeped outside. Every day, from dusk till dawn, Waffles did nothing but look outside the window as if she was waiting for someone to come.