We are gifted with a diverse wildlife. From the biggest to the ones who stay under the earth’s surface, we’ve enormous creatures. We’ve more than 2 million species, so, there is no way that you’ll know all of them but some species are much more popular than the rest. Like everyone knows about lions, snakes, dogs, eagles, wolves, cats, seals, whales, sharks, etc. The list goes a long way. Some of them have the tendency of being loving towards humans rest are wild and usually end up hurting humans because that’s their tendency.

The first ones are good but what if you have an encounter with the latter type of animals when you are all alone. Just imagine, in the middle of the woods, you are all alone, taking a regular walk where you walked a bit deeper in the jungle than you usually do and now you stand right there in front of an animal that is looking at you through the bushes.  What would you do? Can you actually do anything at all?

One Fine Day

One fine day, when the weather was freezing cold and the earth’s surface was covered with snow, Danielle after getting free from her work decided to go for a walk with one of his friends. They were enjoying the chilling atmosphere and their minds were at immense peace. This was nothing new for them as it was almost a part of their daily routine to get some fresh air but that day wasn’t like any other days. Someone was closely keeping an eye on them through the bushes. The humans didn’t realize it until that someone got a company and the two started approaching towards them.

Wooing Wolves

Wolves are the chasers who aren’t as fast as a cheetah but fast enough to chase their prey down with a speed of 45km/h (28mph). If you ever encounter a wolf, assuming that you’re a mighty and tough person who can fight a wolf than you should know that wolves never attack alone, they hunt in a group of 5 to 10 wolves which means there’s no way out unless they just had their food or you don’t look like tasty to them. If that’s all you know about wolves than you should really go ahead to see what these creatures can actually do.

A Unique Wildlife Center

This occurrence took place in the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, a non-profit organization which is certified by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA). A wildlife that especially looks after the wolves and the hybrid dogs that are very close to the wolves. The place is intact with professionals as well as volunteers who love to work for these animals and work upon their continuously decreasing numbers. While the professional zookeepers and doctors may get along with these wild species, it is not at all advisable for the volunteers and the other visitors to get close to these animals. But what if it happens unintentionally?

Bad As Well As Better

When talking about wolves we would like to tell you that wolves are very emotional when it is about their relationships, and family. Once they get a partner, they generally live together for the rest of their lives. They are strongly connected with their known wolves to an extent that they can even give up on their own lives to save their family. There is so much about these species that most the world isn’t yet aware of. Wolves are famous for the howling sound they make, is actually their way of communication.

No matter how good they might sound nobody ever wants to see one with any security as we all are aware that they are wild creatures who live on hunting and a wolf attacking a human is not an unbelievable thing to happen.

Two Gray Wolves

Many people are scared of wolves, coyotes, and foxes but not the founder of this sanctuary, Darlene Kobobel, a brave and kind-hearted lady who see wildlife’s pain instead of getting scared of it. The founder’s life mission is to save these beautiful beasts from human exploitation. When it comes to wolves, Darlene is experienced more than required but what happened that day came to her as a surprise too. It was one of those moments where time stood still and that’s when a person gets what we all know as once in a lifetime event.

Kekoa, The Wolf

Kekoa means ‘the brave one’, is a Timber wolf that was taken in by the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. Kekoa was welcomed as an infant after being born in the Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Florida. He is known in the reserve center for his thick and soft silver-gray fur. Kekoa has remarkable features and is always active and ready to play with his sister Sakara who came along with him. Wild animals look incredible until they get too close. And what happened when a young woman crossed path with Kekoa is something we need to see.