A Sigh Of Relief

So, for a concerned sister like Lisa, there was a sense of relief to know that the hospital was going to send some health workers to continue helping her brother. She was extremely happy to learn that her brother’s surgery had been a success, that everything had gone well so far. She was glad to see that he would be well taken care of even out of the hospital.

Worry Free

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And soon after he was successfully operated on, it was time to go back home for Greg. It had been just two days after his surgery that Greg became free from the hospital. He was given permission to go back home rather quickly. Lisa then had no anxiety and was able to fly back to her home without much worry because Greg would have attendants around.

Going Back Home

So as soon as the hospital gave her brother the green signal, it was time for Greg to head back home to be in the comfort of his own bed. And Lisa wanted to make sure that Greg had reached his home safe and sound. Only after this was she able to book a flight back home to Tampa, Florida. She waited until everything was settled and cleared.

Brother’s Voicemails

And after flying back home with a sound mind, Lisa was glad to feel the sense of reassurance after dealing with her sick brother. And so soon after boarding her flight, she was able to land safely back in Tampa. And then Lisa quickly took out her phone to see that her brother had been sending her several voicemails. She quickly got worried and fearful…

Full Of Messages

So after a quick and safe flight, Lisa landed in Florida, still in a very good mood because she knew that her brother was probably resting home and was well taken care of. But after she saw that her inbox had been flooded with Greg’s messages, she was extremely worried. To see that her phone was full to the brim with messages from him, she panicked…

What Were The Messages?

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Lisa’s mind went crazy after seeing all the messages that had been sent by her sick brother. Was he okay? What was going on? Why was he sending so many messages while she was on the flight? There were so many questions and so Lisa began fearing the worst. In the voicemails, she could listen to her brother, in extreme pain explaining how he was feeling…