Date Night Out

Money can’t buy happiness but it can take you places where happiness resides. The Canadian couple used a share of their savings to make the most of their big day. Shelly and her husband started planning as to what could be the best way to celebrate their anniversary that won’t go harsh on their pockets. After eliminating the rest of the options they eventually settled for Joe’s restaurant which was located in the same neighborhood i.e. Sherwood Park, Alberta. Now It was time to forget everything and have some fun.

Drinks Please!

The perfect idea of having fun for a majority of grown-ups include knocking a few drinks down and dancing the night away. But once you get started there’s no such thing in your vocabulary as the word few and the sky seems to be the only limit. The couple poured the whole liquor counter up and ended up in a drunken stupor. They lost track of time but eventually realized that it was now time to head home and what they did next would leave a major impact on their lives.

Heading Home

Shelly and her husband left all their worries behind for a night and had the time of their lives. For all the things they had been through for the past couple of months the couple deserved to have a good time and so they did. Where do we go when the party is over? Nah! Not the after party, it was time to head home. The couple marched towards their car which they had parked just outside the main entrance, but Shelly was in a quandary.

Too Tipsy To Drive

Shelly was stuck in a dilemma. Shelly was well aware of the consequences that come along with drink and drive. “You don’t have to be drunk to be impaired,” she told Today. “I wasn’t some crazy drunk lady, but I definitely had no business driving.” But keeping in mind her track record with the parking tickets, leaving her car would be the last thing Shelly would think of doing. So what next?

What To Do?

Sherwood Park doesn’t boast of skyscrapers or a lavishing lifestyle where you would see fancy cars. It is a simple rural town comprised of thousands of people leading a simple life, where even finding a cab sometimes seems next to impossible. You might think they could have just easily booked a cab, but it didn’t strike as an ideal alternative as the driver would take a lot of time traveling from other towns. So what now? Well, Shelly knew what to do next…

Get A Cab

Shelly was a law-abiding citizen and her hardships in life had made her real mature. Shelly was willing to give up some minutes of her life and eventually decided to wait for a cab irrespective of how time-consuming it was. It’s better to be late than sorry. Shelly did the right thing, she called an Uber and booked a ride to her home. She figured that her car wasn’t going anywhere and she could later come and drive it back, maybe the very next day.