She was constantly thinking about what would she do, then suddenly she went near the wall from which the noise was coming from and put her ear against the wall to hear it more clearly. She could now hear it more distinctly, her mind was full of thoughts and questions. “I need to do something”, she told to herself.

Trapped Inside

She was sure that something was hidden behind the wall but she couldn’t understand how could it possibly remain inside the wall for so long. And now she knew that she needed to rescue no matter what was inside the wall. The cries grew louder and now she couldn’t contain herself from finding out what was inside the walls. Would she be able to find out?


It wasn’t that easy as it seemed it to be. To know what was hidden behind the walls, she had to break it. It wasn’t a decision that could be taken without thinking, but she had no other options too. So, she called her kids and asked them to bring a hammer. Would she break the wall?


She was ready to take the risk but another thought came in her mind. She thought what if something dangerous was hidden behind the wall and just in case it attacked while she was breaking it. But she had to break the wall anyway. So she took the hammer in her hands and positioned it to knock down the wall. But first, she needed to figure out certain things.

Weak Point

She knew the point from where the voice was coming from but she couldn’t just knock down the place with the hammer. She was afraid that she might hurt whosoever was making those obnoxious noises. So she first needed to find a weak point in the wall. She placed her ears against the wall to listen to the noise so that she would know the exact point she had to strike with a hammer. Would she be able to take out that was stuck inside the wall safely?


She took the hammer from her kid’s hand and positioned it to strike against the wall, there were several thoughts that were going inside her mind. She was reluctant to at first but then she had to do it because she was annoyed by the constant cry. So again she picked up the hammer with great force to accomplish the task. Would she be able to it now?