So far one of the most distressing attacks of the century and the most unfortunate multiple terrorist attacks on America shook the world. We still remember that morning of September 11, 2001, when everyone’s eyes were stuck on the TV screens, most of those eyes were moist. Whether it be national or the international, all the telephone lines were engaged and busy as people were scared and everyone wanted to know if their loved ones were safe and therefore wanted to hear from them. Official calls were also made all over the country as a part of damage control.

Frightened with the idea of something more might happen, everyone wanted this dark day to end but it ended up being one of the longest days for many. By dusk, the numbers of those whose lives ended on this unfateful day were becoming clear. The 9/11 attacks not only affected the people who lost their loved one but also every American in one way or another…

Life After 9/11

After 9/11 many people felt patriotic for the first time. The attack took thousands of lives. America was mourning its loss. The New York City, the city that never sleeps was falling weak. The people who were always running for work, fun or more, stood still. That fragrance of liveliness vanished from the city. This story is about one such lady who was deeply affected by the horrifying incident, Elizabeth Stringer Keefe.

Elizabeth Stringer Keefe

Elizabeth, a professor at Lesley College in Boston, Massachusetts was always too busy. She has always been one of those people who love their work. She was completely occupied with her time-consuming job. Her professor role wasn’t all she had to deal with as she was also a co-president at the Massachusetts Council for Exceptional Children. Moreover, she was also trying to manage time to complete her Ph.D. That day Elizabeth ran to meet her friends who were in New York City. 

Lighting A Candle

Elizabeth Stringer Keefe was lucky that all her loved ones were safe but no one was sound. Her family was shaken after the attacks. Knowing that other citizens were going through the worse, was the only thing that made them look ahead and reach out to as many as they can to comfort them. We all know the significance of lighting candles, praying for someone’s peace. Thousands of people were on the roads in every city praying for the victims of the attacks to rest in peace and strength for their friends and family.

Ground Zero

Right after the attack, the place was being referred to as Ground Zero. Signs of destruction were all around the place. Elizabeth along with her friends went there to light candles and pray. What she didn’t know was that the prayer service will turn out to be a significant day of her life. Unaware of the fact that this day was about to bring so many people together she stood there praying with her friends when one of her friends got eyes on something really touching.

Every Year

We all know what happened that day and every year New York remembers the victim on the anniversary of 9/11. Years passed since the attack and despite her hectic schedule, Elizabeth made it to the place where the twin towers stood once on the same date each year. She had a purpose to fulfill. It was like a ritual that she followed for more than 13 years and there was a bigger motive behind it.

Why Was She Doing It?

When Elizabeth and her friend visited Ground zero, they had tears in their eyes. At that moment, Jennie, her friend noticed a photograph covered in dust lying on the ground. Both friends felt like they were somehow meant to find this photograph. It was no ordinary photo but the one of a happy moment and certainly of a grand day of someone’s life. A wedding photo! They were quite sure that it belonged to someone who worked in one of the collapsed buildings.