Claire Leeson as Kim Kardashian

Claire Leeson as Kim Kardashian.jpg
Being bullied in school and two suicide attempts later Claire Leeson finally found someone to get inspired by. It was none other than that star of the hit TV show ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’. After being pointed out that she looked like Kim Kardashian, The U.K. native has spent over $30,000 to fulfill her dreams. She had to work as an impersonator to pay for all her debt and appeared on television shows too.

Toby Sheldon as Justin Bieber

Toby Sheldon as Justin BieberThis singer-songwriter from Germany, Toby Sheldon shifted to Los Angeles because he wanted to become more like his idol Justin Bieber. Toby has spent about$100,000 on surgery to resemble JB. He became popular after appearing on the television shows ‘Botched’, ‘The Doctors’, and ‘My Strange Addiction’. He sadly died at 35 years of age because of a dangerous mixture of Valium, sleeping aids, Xanax, and alcohol.

Tiffany Taylor as Ivanka Trump

Tiffany Taylor as Ivanka Trump
Wife of the President of the USA and billionaire Donald Trump, Ivanka found fame at the tender age of 16 as a model for big designers like Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sassoon Jeans and was a part of the list in Maxim’s Hot 100 and AskMen. Oil and gas consultant Tiffany Taylor, therefore, wanted to be more confident in herself so she thought looking like Ivanka would help her with that. She used up $60,000 for her two breast augmentations, two nose jobs, and a mini facelift and eyelift. She hopes to continue this transformation.

Donna ‘Marie’ Trego as Lady Gaga

Donna Marie Trego is a club performer who has shared the stage with Angie Brown and Boyzone. When she saw the platinum-selling pop star Lady Gaga in action, she made a life-changing decision herself. Donna Marie has spent over $60,000 to look more like Gaga. Even her shows and choreography is Gaga inspired. She met with Lady Gaga herself in 2014 and even she was awestruck by her dedication.

Kitty as Jennifer Lawrence

Kitty as Jennifer Lawrence.jpgThis Houston, Texas native named Kitty had an obsession with actress Jennifer Lawrence. She had gained a few pounds after welcoming her daughter which then made her decide to look more like the Oscar-winning star. Dr. Franklin Rose who works at First Surgical Hospital helped Kitty in the process. She was given liposuction, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty. Her husband was not a big fan of JLaw but was respectful of his wife’s wishes.

Xiaoqing as Jessica Alba

Xiaoqing as Jessica Alba.jpg
Back in 2010, a 21-year-old Chinese woman by the name Xiaoqing made it her life goal to look like Hollywood star Jessica Alba. She began with her transformation, wearing a blond wig that her boyfriend gave her covering up her natural dark hair. After Xiaoqing and her man broke up she wanted to win him back so she went through with the surgeries. He was reportedly obsessed with the actress and planted the obsession on his girlfriend as well.