Dear Baby

The very first thing which differentiates a stray dog from a pet dog is that the latter one is quite trained and well behaved. The dog’s collar spoke something to Kathy and she knew it is someone’s beloved Rottweiler. Kathy revealed, “I could just tell right away she was somebody’s baby,”. Was it a random dog or was it holding something more to it?

Poor Doggo

The poor dog’s condition brought Kathy to tears. The dog was skinny, carried little flesh around his bones and was drinking water from a ditch. He seemed to be starving since days. He was covered with mud and had developed fleas in the fur. It was a female Rottweiler who was deeply saddened. But why was the dog this broken and shattered?


Soon Kathy realized that the place she found the doggo was the place popular for abandonment. People would often leave their pets there in Tennessee. People were either not able to take care of their dogs or they were no longer able to keep their pet with them. This realization made Kathy even sure that the rottweiler she found is also an abandoned dog. She immediately made a decision.

Not That Easy

The mere thought that this dog might be an abandoned one disturbed Kathy. She was sure that it was her duty now to keep the dog safe. What will she now do with this dog? She did the kindest act and took the dog to her home. As they say, somethings just fill your heart without trying, and this dog did something similar to Kathy. But, it wasn’t all. Little did Kathy knew what was coming along.

Safe For Now

After taking the pup to her place, the very first thing which Kathy did was take her to a local shelter. Since the dog had been living in a poor environment for god knows how many days, it was the best thing Kathy could do to her. She wanted to ensure that the pup is healthy and disease-free. She did not want to take chance with the life of a dog. Just when Kathy thought it was all, things unraveled into something unexpected.

Taking Her Back Home

After keeping the dog under the care of veterinarians at the local shelter for about two-three days, Kathy welcomed her to her house. Now, the Rottweiler looked healthy, she had gained some muscle mass, her fur was all clean and flea-free. She had a clean bath and was all a fresh one. But, things did not get better, rather became a cause of worry.