Every day is a new day and every morning is a brighter sunshine. One never knows what around the corner. It could be everything or it could be nothing. Life is a road that has many twists and turns. One has to be prepared for the unforeseen. However, it is a great thing to always hope that something wonderful will happen.

This is an incident from a woman’s life when one morning she finds a mysterious animal. Just when she thought that it was all about this animal, the animal itself takes her to something profound. The animal takes her to a rural highway and the lady was puzzled then after. This story is by far too unbelievable to be true but is one…

A Walk

A morning walk is one of the most refreshing activities anyone of us enjoys. The quite cool breeze and the calm surroundings help us breathe out our stress. It’s the charisma of that whole atmosphere that makes us relax and give a break from a hectic routine. Even Kathy Wilkes-Meyers was used to walking. She was a fitness freak. One morning, while she was strolling through the woods, her walk was disturbed by something she never thought she would encounter.

A Dark Shadow

Kathy was walking around her usual route. Daily she went pass the woods across the busy road. That morning she spotted a dark shape across her. It was a very different kind of shadow. Since no one would ever disturb her during her peaceful walk, that sight was truly new and persuaded Kathy to immediately enquire about it. Her every curious nature made her investigate the mysterious shadow. It was right on the side of the road. What was that shadow?

Raising Curiosity

Quite obvious of the human nature, the unusual sights often hike our curiosity. Similarly, Kathy was all on foot to discover the unknown. The shadow appeared to be like that of some animal. What exactly was this mysterious object? How did it come there? What was it doing there? Was it the beginning of something devastating? Kathy had all these questions running through her mind and went closer to investigate the shadow. Will she regret this call of hers?

An Animal

Initially, Kathy peeks from a little afar. What she saw next was quite frightening. The dark shape was moving about. What looked like a shadow, an animal was not just any animal. Rather, it was a dog. Seeing a dog was not what bothered Kathy but the fact that this side of her neighborhood had never had any dogs. She was confused about dogs untimely and suspicious presence there. She now steps forward to have a closer look…

A Rottweiler

On having a closer look, Kathy was sure that it was a dog. It was a black and skinny dog. By the appearance, she was sure that it was a Rottweiler. But the question which still was running through her mind was what was the dog doing there? The dog did not appear to be in good condition, but as it was having a collar around his neck, Kathy knew it wasn’t a stray dog. Did the dog lose the way to his home?

Something Weird

For some most obvious reasons, the dog was scared of Kathy’s presence near her. He would shudder and sniff into the corner. She knew that it was scared. As Kathy pleasingly smiled and caressed it, after a while it became comfortable and the Rottweiler began wagging his tail. It was then that Kathy discovered something unusual and weird…