Animals At High Risk

Though the human population isn’t that large in numbers still, because of this population over 400 species of animals and plants could be in danger. You cannot control human growth but there are some measures that we can take so that we don’t disturb the balance of nature. There have been several actions that the government has taken in order to save wildlife.

Protective Measures

Because Canada is so vast that the government had to divide it into 39 natural districts and each district was ordered to at least establish one national park in the area. Today, the country has 47 such establishments in 29 of 39 areas. It’s very good to see that the government is working for the ecosystem. But who could have thought that nature will gift us with something this amazing?

Protecting The Country

The government not only established national parks in 29 0f 39 districts but made several provincial parks across the country. These provincial parks are smaller than national parks but fulfill the same purpose as the national parks. With the help of these national parks and provincial parks, they are trying their best to save the environment.

Queen Victoria Park

The first provincial park was built over 100 years ago and it was Queen Vitoria Park, which encircles the famous area where you can see the beautiful Niagara Falls, which is considered as the most beautiful and breathtaking natural waterfall in the world. People from all over the world visit the place to get mesmerized by the sight. Provincial parks are being made throughout the country today, covering as much area they can.

Building The Country

Just because we see big skyscrapers almost touching the sky doesn’t mean that the country is progressing. Until and unless you don’t actually take care of our ecosystem we can’t say that we are seriously progressing. The first province was British Columbia where they built Queen Victoria Park and in 1911, they built Strathcona Provincial Park situated in Vancouver Island.

Taking Precautionary Measures

When their plan of establishing provincial parks started to show some results the government than started building more of them. In 1938, the largest park in British Columbia, Tweedsmuir was built. And just a year after that Wells Gray was established. As they say, “everything happens for a reason,” this discovery was that reason. This team wasn’t there to discover anything but eventually, they made found the most amazing thing that baffled everybody.