Life can be hard sometimes. When you think you are doing all you can to live a good life, be nice to others and work hard at your job, there are some unforeseen obstacles that everyone must face. We are not really in charge of what life hands us and the only thing we can have power over is our reaction. This waitress had worked very hard for years but one day, she had a talk with the police leading to something that turned out to be the biggest surprise of her whole life…

No Suspicion

Well for a nice person, you would automatically assume that everyone else has the same thought process as you, that they would never try to cheat you or do you wrong. Well, you cannot blame her because it appeared innocent enough. For this hardworking waitress Colleen, she did not suspect anything fishy when she had taken a customer’s $20 bill as payment.

Informing Authorities

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Since she never thought that anyone would want to be so manipulative, Colleen was not hesitant to accept the money. The restaurant worker expressed in all honesty that she did not have a clue that the customer would ever hand her counterfeit notes. The restaurant had to call the police to question her anyway. But little did she know that there was a secret plan manifesting right in front of her.

12 Years Of Service

Like we have mentioned earlier, Colleen has been an asset to the restaurant she works in for so long now. She has been faithful in service at the restaurant for an incredible 12 years now. Colleen is one of the most beloved servers working hard at Red Robin. This is a casual chain restaurant that serves up burgers and fries where customers come in bulks daily.

Loves Her Job

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Red Ribbon has a lot of different chains and branches as it a very popular restaurant chain. Colleen worked at the Des Peres branch in Missouri and was very good at her job. She has even admitted that she had always wanted to wait tables when she spoke to interviewers about her job. Since she enjoyed serving people, even the customers enjoyed being served by her too.

Her True Calling

She was very happy with her job as she had always found helping people, any way possible, a very rewarding task. “I knew for years I wanted to do this, go out and be a server,” she explained as she confirms how much she loves her job. Colleen was, therefore, a very well-liked waitress who had nothing much to complain about where she worked.

Her Way Of Making A Difference

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We all know that we are all born different and that we all have individual hopes and dreams that we would all like to be able to do. “It was just kind of my ‘get out and have fun and hopefully make a difference’ job,” she further explained, as she was interviewed while going back and forth across tables, taking orders from customers and serving them their food.