Working as a server may look easy but if you actually ask people who work as a waiter or waitresses, they will tell you just how complicated and hectic a job it really is. You need a lot of patience and must be able to multi-task if you want to be an excellent server. Not everyone can work as servers because you also need exceptional interpersonal skills. If you are impressed by a waiter or waitress’ service, you can give them tips according to how happy you feel… Tipping can get a little underwhelming or overwhelming. Just ask this waiter…

A Job With No Reward

You would have seen that people do not really show appreciation for the people that serve them at restaurants. Waiting tables is definitely one of the most underappreciated jobs to ever exist. If you do not have a steady career but need to make ends meet, your whole livelihood basically depends up how kind the customers are. Tips can reduce due to uncontrollable factors like the quality of the food and the pricing. 

Getting Only $3

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It is the job of a server to make sure the people that come to enjoy a good meal at their restaurants and go home having a good time. Like we mentioned earlier, sometimes even though waiters give their best, other reasons come in the way of them getting a decent tip. This waiter was doing all he could to keep the customers happy but ended up with a measly $3 tip.  But this was not even the whole picture…

Similar Experiences

An avid Reddit user called Seminole had something to share regarding his experience as a waiter. He had been working as a server for a long time and was well-versed with the good and the bad of the business he was working in. His story was quite relatable for anyone who has ever had a dab at working in the industry. These would be, namely, the exhausting hours, low wages and no appreciation from customers.

A Smiling Face

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Seminole was a man who wanted to give his best at everything he put his mind to. Even when he was working as a server, he knew he could not give up. He was going through a tough time financially but always made sure he put a smile on his face. As he did his best as a waiter, he was given a strange-looking note one day at work. What could it be because of which he immediately went in search of his phone?


Seminole was a man who loved pets, he was especially fond of dogs. He resides in Miami, Florida in a home shared with his girlfriend. The two went ahead and decided to adopt a dog which they reckoned was completely legal. Seminole was a big fan of his pup’s wide-mouthed grin and could never get enough of him. He would occasionally take photos of the happy dog.

Just A Few Days

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He and his girlfriend loved to play with the new dog that was obviously very fond of them too. For whatever reason, there was a stranger that made a call to the cops on the smiling duo allegedly due to one of their photos with the adorable dog. Just a few days after Seminole posted the photo with his dog, cops were banging on his door. The dog was going to have to go back to the pound…