Completely Exhausted
He Was So Drained

Since David knew he would not be able to attend to all the customers at the patio by himself, he had to do something quick. So he quickly approached the restaurant management to ask for some help and assistance since he could not do all the work by himself. The restaurant was understaffed this night and so he, unfortunately, had no one to help him. David confided in his coworkers and admitted he was under a lot of pressure.

With No Clue

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Since the restaurant had too many customers that one waiter could not handle, David felt really tired and worn out. He was doing the best he can to satisfy all the needs of the customers that night but he was already stressed out because of his other job. David was still trying to do his best, working and attending to as many customers as he possibly could. He had no clue what was going to happen to him…

The Mysterious Guy
Mystery Man

So who was the mystery man who had been keeping an eye on the stressed out waiter that night at House Of Oliver? Well, he was a guy named Steffen Berr. He was one of the customers that sat at one of the tables outside on the patio. David Fabila was working alone so he was already packed with other orders from the patrons sitting there too. David did not see Berr sitting there initially.

A Silent Customer

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And to be fair, since David had never seen this customer before, he had no clue who he was. He was not paying him much attention and was minding his own business, doing what he was paid to do. Since the customers were large in number and so very demanding, David was under a lot of pressure. He had no clue that this guy sitting right there, silently would change his whole evening…

A Tiring Duty
A Tough Job

Although we never actually think about it, we must remember that you need to have a lot of patience to excel in the service industry. It is not a place where anyone or everyone can just work. The need to stand and stand for several hours a day is not something we are all capable of. David Fabila had no choice but to work as a waiter at House of Oliver. He needed to look after his family and this was actually his second job.

An Experienced Server

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His other job was not that different from his work at the restaurant. In the daytime, David also held a job working as a bar porter at a casino. He had quite the experience working as a server in different places. However, in all of his experience as a server over the years, David could have never anticipated the incident he found himself in would ever occur to him.