Working as a server, you get to meet a lot of people. You get exposed to the best of the best customer and the worst of the worst customers alike. You never know what the wind will blow into the restaurant or bar you work in. It takes a lot of patience and self-control to be able to handle multiple orders and not mess up. Sometimes, the job gets a little hectic and physically draining so adding to a server’s burden would be a cruel act. This stranger had kept a close eye on a server and wanted to give him something to talk about right before he left…

Totally Taken Aback

He Was Stunned

This was not like an ordinary Friday, it was a very hectic one. It was evening time and this waiter had his hands quite full trying to serve everyone sitting at the restaurant tables. There was a good reason why everyone wanted to eat at that restaurant. The patio was a perfect place to dine because of the weather. Since this waiter was the only person working on the outside, he was a very busy man.

Chasing The Patron

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The waiter was trying to get to every person who wanted to order food, but since it was only him working, he was under quite the challenge. While he was busy attending other tables, he saw that there was a mysterious patron that was keeping a close eye on his every movement. After his bill was given, this mystery man was quick to make his exit. The waiter had to chase him to give him back his bill…

An Odd Incident
Something Was Up

So who is this waiter who was busy taking orders on the patio? It is a 31-year-old guy named David Fabila. He worked as a server at a wine bar called House of Oliver in Roseville. He is a resident of Sacramento, California. Since he was a father of 3 and already expecting to have his fourth child shortly, David was in desperate need to keep this job to be able to support his family.

Things Turn Weirder

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He had been working there for quite a while now but had never experienced such an odd incident like the one he went through that particular Friday evening. It was something strange that had happened there while he was trying to do his job well. serving every customer there. The restaurant as we had mentioned, was quite full, and David had a lot of orders to serve. Thing soon turned weird at the restaurant…

Friday Madness
Friday Madness

As we all know, since Fridays mark the beginning of the weekends, there are always people who go out for drinks, to unwind and relax. And, as expected, Friday nights at the House of Oliver always saw a lot of customers who had come to de-stress themselves from the tiring week. Since the weather was such a pleasant one that evening, everybody wanted to sit outside and enjoy their time…

A Different Duty

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On other night at the House Of Oliver, David would usually work as the bartender. However, that Friday night was a little different for him as he was requested to be the server for the customers sitting at the patio of the restaurant. He did not expect to be that busy but soon realized that there were so many people showing up that lovely evening. A mysterious patron was among these customers.