Strawberry Fields Forever

The Beatles are one of the most prominent tourists to have visited there. On the grounds of the estate, they recorded promotional clips for one of their most famous songs “Strawberry Fields Forever”. This attracted several other tourists and plenty of Beatles fans.

Still Housing Sackville

To this date, the estate houses Sackville, and they live in a separate wing of the estate. And in the part of the estate, they occupy a total of 420 rooms and they are connected by the hallways, courtyards, and staircases. Even though the estate has been donated to the National Trust, that does not mean that they own the property, only 52 acres.


Sackville and his family have not permitted the visitors or any special sporting event to access the ground. Due to its humongous size, it requires plenty of volunteers and a large force of workers to preserve the manor and mansion.

The Project

The restoration project that was started did not only aim at refurbishing and cleaning all the furniture and the painting in that estate but it also involved archaeologists as they were also called in. Archaeologists were involved because much of Knole’s history is not in any written form and is therefore forgotten.

Search Begins

Archaeologists’ main task was to search areas where ancient people might have concealed or hidden things. They constantly kept on looking in areas like in attics, like under floorboards, and in between rafters. And because of this, they were able to find things that helped them to know a lot about people who used to live here.

 What’s That?


People say that hard work eventually pays off and they could not have been any more right.

The hard work of all the volunteers and the workers paid off when they stumbled across something that left everyone awestruck because of its unexpected occurrence.