The mansion was expanded further and various additions were connected to the mansion and that did not stop until the expanded mansion outgrew the original mansion. At present, the mansion covers a total of four acres and is called “Calendar house” for a reason.

Calendar House

Vita Sackville-West who grew up in that house who is also an author state that it is a” calendar house”: “Its seven courtyards correspond to the days of the week, its fifty-two staircases to the weeks of the year, its three hundred and sixty-five rooms to the days of the year, but I do not know that anyone has ever troubled to verify it.”

Sackville’s Claims

Sackville’s family’s additions are proof of the fact that Sackville-West’s claim that the house has several attributes that are similar to a calendar seems false. Although he is right about the number of courts, his counting seems to have lost a track when it came to the number of rooms which are in a surplus of 365 and the staircase which are less than the alleged 52 staircases.


The counting of Vita Sackville-West might be wrong when it came to counting but still, that’s a pretty huge house. And just so you don’t think that we are exaggerating the size of this house, you should know that Knole is one of the five largest houses in England. The year 1947 was really important in the history of this estate.

Given To Trust


The year 1947 saw the estate being handed over to the National Trust. The 4th Baron Sackville was the one who in the year 1947 gave that estate to National Trust. National Trust is a charity whose main job is to safeguard and protect important buildings with historical significance. And this was one estate where historical events took place.

Opening For Visitors

The National Trust at first did not open the grounds and the mansion to the public, but slowly it started opening the grounds and some parts of the mansion for the public. And it is because of its beauty and its majestic nature that it attracts many tourists.