A Strange Creature

What seemed to be an animal, wasn’t an animal. Rather it was a strange creature. A creature that villagers never saw before. What could this mysterious figure be? It was swinging from behind the trees. On having a closer look the villagers realized that this strange looking creature was having human features. What was it?

Maybe A Femme

The villagers keenly observed the suspicious creature. The human features that it supported were that of a feminine. Just when the villagers were assuming the creature to be a feminine, the creature started attacking them with bow and arrows. The men were scared and were worried about their village’s safety. What happened next was truly unbelievable.

Who Is She?

The men were petrified at the sight of the attacking woman. Who was she? Why was she attacking the native men of that village? Where did she come from? What did she want?  Was she here to loot the village or harm the people? All these questions wrapped around the men. Was it anyone from the neighboring village trying to captive someone?

Hunt Begins

The village men decided to travel back to the village and tell the senior members about this unusual sight of this strange being. The villagers decided to fool and try to capture the being in order to know about its real identity and discover the cause of the untimely presence. Poor villagers didn’t know that she was not like any other feminine. She was something more.

Planning A Bait

The villagers decided to trap the mysterious creature. They planned to send a goat near the assumed to be a woman, for some unknown reason. Majestically, the creature defended itself by hunting the animal at its head and eventually killed it. The villagers were totally terrified at the hunting skills of this being. A man named Monsieur d’Epinay demanded it to be found. And this time something unexpected was discovered.

 The Discovery

Since the creature in the woods did not allow any being near itself, this time some village woman along with a child went there to know more about it. Just because the villagers presumed it to be a lady hiding in the forest, they thought sending women might be of help. Surprisingly, the creature did no harm to the village women and even allowed them near her. The villagers were surprised to see the hiding creature. But, it wasn’t all…