Evolution of human species is a much talked of things from the past. No one really knows how life came to the planet. Was there really someone like  Adam and Eve? Or was the society formed by the Early Men? How and in what form did the life exist on the planet is a mystery that continues…

The many facts that link human and other species with the pasts came from the stories we hear from our ancestors or the ones we find in some scriptures and manuscripts from the ancient times.

In an ancient village, where the men were just learning to make the ends of life meet, depending upon agricultural farming, they came across a mysterious creature in the nearby forest. Presence of such weird kind of living thing near them scared them. But when they revealed its true identity they were shocked to the core. The identity revelation was not all, but it leads to something even profound.

The Ancient Village

In the year 1731, an ancient village used to be there in Songy. It was located in the northeast of France. The village was locally known to be around the Champagne-Ardenne region. There were very few houses in that zone and majorly everything was mere mud construction. Civilization was just making its way in there when something unfamiliar made its first appearance around.

Not Populated Much

As life was just entering this part of the land, the Songy village was not much populated. There were barely some twenty houses with a population as few as fifty villagers in totality. Because of its compact nature, every family knew one another there and any disturbances in their territory were looked with suspicion.

Heard A Voice

The villagers often went to the nearing woods in order to hunt for some food for their family. They would follow the same route. One day while a few men were going through that route, they heard some strange sound. Initially, they interpreted it for some voice made by a wild animal. But soon only they panicked at the sight.

A Dark Shadow

This was not the first time that the men were crossing by this route. It was a daily thing for them. As no one ever disturbed them on their way, it was an unusual sight for them. Just when they stopped to hear the sound, they were taken aback with what they saw. A dark shadow ran past them. Since they have never seen anyone in that part of the village, they wanted to inquire about it. What was that shadow?

Raising Curiosity

Curiosity is the essence of human existence. Just because humans are inquisitive beings, this unusual site called for discovering the unknown. The shadow came from the woods. What could be this mysterious object? Was it some animal or any beast trying to attack the village? How did it appear in this part of the region? The men went closer to see what it was. Will they be regretting this decision of theirs?

An Animal

As the men stepped closer to the bushes, the dark shadow began moving. What could be this shadow? An animal? While they were making guesses about the shadow, they heard rustling sounds. They immediately backed off and were frightened. This made them sure that there is some wild animal hiding in there. Little did they know that it wasn’t any animal…