Offered For Adoption

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a loving family. The children who have a place to call it home are really blessed. Unfortunately, O’Brien is not that lucky. Soon after her father died, her stepmother puts her up for adoption. The little one had a childhood like no other child had.

Lost Love

None can even imagine how tough things have been for O’Brien. First, she lost her birth mom, then her stepmom never treated her well. Then her only source of love- her father passed away and to make things even worse her stepmom offers her for adoption. The little child never saw love in childhood. Now, will she be able to taste love later in life?

American Family

At the orphanage house, a couple from Alexandria, Virginia came across O’Brien. Seeing her gloomy eyes and a face totally expressionless, they felt their heart for her. They decided to adopt her and give her a better life. However, O’Brien never knew that this was not the end.

Growing Up

O’Brien was adopted from the orphanage where her last name was mentioned as Shin. The couple gave her American name as “Holly O’Brien”. The little girl, at last, got the love and care that she always deserved from the new family. However, the couple had to put in a lot of efforts to grow the seeds of love in her heart, and ultimately they were successful. Still, there was one thing which the couple couldn’t change…


 American couple gave O’Brien the life of a normal child. As she grew old she developed an interest in the medical field. She pursued her dreams and studied hard for her medical exams. However, the thing which remained unchanged were the wounds of her past.

Doctor’s Hospital

Later O’Brien was assigned as a nurse at the Doctor’s Hospital of Sarasota. She was a dedicated individual looking after the patients with a lot of patience and composure. However, she did not know that at this hospital for once again her childhood past would come up unexpectedly.