A person’s family is the pivot around which his life revolves. Undoubtedly, family acts as a constant source of love, care and most importantly support when one is going through a tough time. This story is also about a family whose members were envisioning a beautiful life ahead together. It was when they decided to strengthen the bond between them by deciding to spend some quality time by going out on a vacation that things took a drastic and equally dark turn. The vacation which was meant to be a happy and peaceful one turned into something that changed the life of each and every family member forever. This incident will surely act as a lesson on what not to do while spending a vacation with your family.

A Curious Case

Little Girl Goes Missing On Family VacationThe year 2017 marked the 10th anniversary of one of the most mysterious and eerie incidents in the criminal history. The case still remains unsolved and has undergone a number of strange twists and turns. There have been numerous suspects and theories related to the case, but none proved capable enough to crack it. Surely, a person possessing a rock-solid heart can fathom the delicate and minor aspects of this case. It would be very interesting to find out your interpretation of the whole case once you comprehend and read it all. So, don’t wait anymore and brace yourselves and find out something that will surely make your jaws drop. Go on and decide who is behind everything that happened in this case.

McCann Family: Seemingly Perfect

It was a like a dream coming true for Kate and Gerry McCann who had met each other in 1993 before deciding to marry each other in 1998 after they gave birth to their baby girl named Madeleine. The couple said that they “long awaited and longed for a little girl which goes on to show how happy they were after the latest addition to their family. Friends and relatives who were in touch with the family also considered them to be a “family made in heaven”.But, who knew that something extremely tragic was going to happen which would leave them distraught forever after they decided to go on a normal vacation like many families do. Noone knew that behind the happy faces of the members of the family there was something sinister cooking up deep inside.

They Weren’t Alone

They Weren’t Alone on Their VacationsThe family had chosen the beautiful town of Praia de Luz to spend their vacations. It was on April 28th, 2007 that the family reached there in high spirits of spending some quality time with each other. But, they were not alone as they were accompanied by their seven other friends, with all other families also bringing their children with them. There were Fiona and David Payne who had two kids and shared the same profession of being a physician with the McCanns’. Fiona had also brought her mother, Dianne Webster on the trip. Jane Tanner, a marketing manager had also arrived with her physician husband named Russell and their two children. The last family was that of Matthew again a physician by profession with her wife Rachael a lawyer and their daughter. The strong bond that these families shared with each other was going to get converted into something extremely bitter.

Not Always Who You Think

Old Friends Are Not Always Who You Think They AreThe adults had made it a routine to have dinner together around 8:30 at a restaurant named Tapas. It was not much of a hassle for them reaching there as the resort they were staying in, housed it. Though each family shared a good rapport with each other, it was the McCanns’ and the Payne’s who knew each other for years. The reason being that Kate and Fiona were acquainted with each other from the days of their working at the Leicester General Hospital’s intensive care unit together. The sole credit for making the McCann’s friends with Jane Tanner, Russell O’Brien, Matthew Olfield, and Rachael Olfield went to the Payne’s. Gerry, Russell, and Matthew shared the same profession because of which they had known each other for years. Nobody had the slightest idea of what was going to happen with them.

Praia de Luz: Cursed?

Praia de Luz: Cursed?With the history of being established as a fishing settlement initially, the small town of Praia de Luz in Portugal has undergone a complete transformation. Its name means “beach of the light” and the town currently is famous for its resort with the reliance on the local economy shifting from fishing to tourism. The town is so beautiful that it witnesses visitors coming from all parts of the world every year. Especially, for the people from European countries like UK, Ireland, France, and Germany it is a hotspot. This implies that the McCanns’ were not the first family residing in the UK to set foot in the amazing beach resort town. Surprisingly, the town still sees huge number tourists even after the mishappening that took place here centering Madeleine.

Apartment 5A: The Scene of the Crime

Apartment 5A: The Scene of the CrimeEven though the families were miles away from their native country, they didn’t seem to feel alienated. The reason being the astonishing amount of British population which had helped the town to earn the name of “Little Britain” for itself. The vacation was meant to stretch for seven full nights with the McCanns’ arriving in the resort town on April 28, 2007, trying to make the best use of a Spring Break trip. It didn’t come as a surprise to them that the apartment they were renting was owned by a man from Liverpool which was located at 5A Rua Dr. Agostinho da Silva. The apartments felt pretty safe and comfortable for the families. Eventually, they decided to stay in those apartments with the MacCanns’ choosing the bottom floor with two bedrooms and the other families staying in the others which were in series with the apartment that MacCann’s were staying in.