She walked in the hallway with a smile that depicted her confidence. She worked as a waitress at a reputable restaurant in the town. It was her job and she took it seriously as it was her only source of income. She was experienced and one of the most pleasing staff members of the restaurant but as it is said that what goes inside a human’s mind can never be assumed. What came to her mind that fine day, no one can really say but what she went on doing brought all the staff members in an awkward answerable situation.

For those who are smart enough to learn from other people’s lessons. A real-life incident that warns people to be attentive and not to trust any stranger easily no matter how nice they’re being.

Generous Appreciation

People who start with a regular part-time job are most generous when it comes to giving tips. They know the struggles and appreciate the waiters and waitresses who are supposed to treat the customers with a smile. Waiters who are good with their work earn a lot of money from tips, sometimes exceeding their in-hand salary. Who won’t do a good job when they are getting paid for it nicely, right? Unfortunately, Whitney Anderson thought exactly the same way and that’s where she went wrong. She landed into an unbelievable incident.

Home Away From Home

One of the oldest and most common ways to spend time with family and friends is going out for dinner. What could be better than having a good company, a lot of chit-chat and delicious food at the same time? Whether it is a family anniversary or a treat for office colleagues, or a celebration among friends, or a date with our crush we choose to go out to have good food for every other reason. Whitney Anderson is a family person who believes in sharing quality time with her husband and three kids whenever she is free but that day was about to be different than the rest.

Fake A Smile?

We decide if the place is good or not on the basis of their services, their staff’s behavior. Whitney was quite happy that day seeing her family come together. But the staff members who look nice in the first meet aren’t always the same. To be kind and treat you nicely is their job, and one can never have even the slightest of the idea about what they are actually thinking about you. Same happened that day.

Free From Worry

Whitney Anderson walked into Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant with her family. They were looking forward to having a memorable night out. The idea behind it was to give the children some time. Certainly, their meal wasn’t about to go according to the plan. She was just intending to have fun with her kids and husband, who knew they’ll end up getting the biggest shock of their lives.

Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant

The most interesting part comes when we are asked to decide where to eat and later on what to eat. The Andersons’ first choice that day was indeed Abuelo’s after they serve the best in the city. They are known for their amazing burritos and quesadillas. Who knew there was a crooked mind roaming in the hallways of the Abuelo’s that day.

Fun Night Out

So, when they went to the restaurant, there was this soothing smell all over indicating that they are at a decent place. They sat on their seats they reserved in advance as it was a weekend and they didn’t want to stand outside in the waiting line. Everything went fine and they had more fun than they had expected. They stayed there for almost 2 hours but things were about to turn another way around quickly.