We all go for our jobs, profession or business but most of us leave our office work before we leave our workspace. In every office, there are people who work not only at the office but from home too. Trust us when we tell you we understand what it feels like working in a 24*7 shift, work is all we got on our minds. So, there’s a reason why we are discussing “the all-time jobs”, as there are some jobs which come with an obligation to be there 24*7. Let’s say, surgeons, doctors, spies, firefighters and more. These people just can’t get jobs out of their heads even when on their off as it becomes more than just a 9 to 5 job; it becomes an essential part of their lives.

The incident that took place with two soldiers, Robert Risdon and Jason Gibson on one strange evening is proof that soldiers are ready for anything or everything no matter what may come. They just can’t get their training out of their heads even when off duty.

Just A Normal Evening

This incident took place in Mobile, a port city in Alabama when two soldiers decided to take a break from their routine work and tiring schedules. Robert Risdon and Jason Gibson are always interested in sports, especially when it comes to soccer, they not only love to play soccer but also love watching it with the same enthusiasm. It was just another day and they were going to do what they usually do whenever they got time unaware of the fact that this night wouldn’t be like the rest of the nights.

Soccer Is A Part Of Job

Robert is also the head coach of the Columbus Lions, Fort Benning’s football team, Columbus, Georgia. Jason too is the co-coach of the same team that they were heading to Mobile, Alabama to take a look at how the practice was going and if each of their players was prepared for the Senior Bowl. So far, everything was going according to the plan. They reached on time and were satisfied with the team’s games and now was the time to head back and that’s when things started to change.

End Of The Evening

So, by the end of the evening, they were feeling relaxed and chilled enough to go back to their routine from the next morning. But the night was going to be longer than the day. When they got out of the stadium they understood that it’ll take more than usual time to reach home. They were thinking to get back asap. 

The Bad Weather

The reason why Robert and Jason were thinking like that was the bad weather. It was clear that the storm is going to start soon. They knew it will be hard but they were hoping that they’ll make it in time. Well, that’s wasn’t what really happened as the weather can be faster than their car’s speed.

Taking For Granted The Little Things

When one becomes a soldier they stop taking things for granted. Even a single day spend with their family is a day worth remembering. Getting to see their loved ones, staying at home, a cozy bed, favorite food to eat, for a soldier, home is indeed the best place in the world. What was about to come in front of them was going to test them, if they’ve learned the lesson of the military life by heart or not.

Escape The Storm

When Robert and Jason started to drove towards Columbus, their home for now. They were right in the mid of the storm and were looking for an escape. They decided to park their car at the first place they’ll find nearby but for the next half an hour they didn’t find any place to get shelter where they could wait until the storm calms down.