Every Penny Counts

She even used to babysit for families living in the same building whenever they needed her help. Children never failed to make her feel better. She was great with kids and parents appreciated her presence. Also, she couldn’t deny the fact that she was in desperate need of money to pay her bills.

No Help

She was holding on to so much and managed not to shed a single tear. But for how long she could have managed to hold back the pain? Remember the days when so much was going on that you cried for no reason particularly and for everything specifically? For her also it was just a matter of time that when her patience level will be crossed and she’ll break out.

Needed Counselling

She knew she needed counseling but she didn’t have that kind of money on herself to pay to the counselor. She felt like with every other day she was losing control over her life. Still, days kept on passing and life kept on moving without any purpose until one fateful day…

A Bad Day

She was sleepy as since she sold her house, she was suffering from severe insomnia. Her nights were usually sleepless and full of old days’ memories when her family was together and happy. She hardly ever fell asleep in that small apartment. Yes, Mondays can never go right for anyone but it felt like everything was targeting the lady who was on the verge of falling in the deep pit of depression. She was running late for her work, she could not find her car keys anywhere.

Well, this much wasn’t enough as this Monday morning will be bringing her into a more problematic and awkward situation.

The Forgetfulness

As she was all by herself, it became part of her routine to forget something or the other. Sometimes she forgot to take her specs, other times she left her lunch behind, the worst days were when she forgot her wallet. She knew that she has become a bit clumsy but she couldn’t help it. There was no way out of this completely different shape that her life has taken within a year.

Something Missing

After forgetting things every day, she started keeping reminders on the fridge door. Wallet-check, car keys-check, house keys-check, lunch-check, medicines-check, cell phone-check. The list was complete and there was nothing left behind but she still felt like something was missing. As all the necessary things were already with her she didn’t even care about thinking too much about what it was that she was forgetting. Little did she know, she’ll be facing one big time embarrassment because of this.