Just A Call Away

After taking her friend’s advice, she called these people. She was least convinced yet she told them about her situation and tried to know if they can really help her? If yes, then how will this thing work? The person on the other side of the call fixed a date to meet her at her place. She said yes but wasn’t it the same thing? Letting strangers in without knowing anything about them?

Join Me

The lady took a smart step by asking her friend to stay at home with her when these people come to visit. So, it was Thursday evening that these people planned on visiting her and she was waiting for them. When they reached she knew that they can be trusted.

Inside Edition

These were certified people who worked at the Inside Edition. It is a popular news magazine that works on keeping its viewers updated with all the latest updates around the globe. From entertainment to scandals, from gossips to lifestyle. It also works in unraveling the truth that stays in our society by operations like one they were ready to conduct with this woman’s help. But why would they need her help?

An Improvised Plan

This team of experts had a quite outstanding plan. They told the lady that the reason why they took a few steps before visiting her to make this plan foolproof. We must say that their plan was admirable and was smart enough to catch the repairmen who aren’t up to the mark. What if the repairmen were indeed honest? Isn’t this going to hurt them; questioning their honesty?

A Sting Operation?

The Inside Edition team was all set to know the truth but they didn’t have anyone to tell them whether the repairmen are doing the right thing or not. But where there’s a will there’s a way. The Inside Edition crew was planning to go make more people a part of their plan. And those will be the actual decision makers.

Most Needed Assurance

The Inside Edition team assured the lady that this matter will be taken care of. In fact, they have been looking for someone to allow them for this kind of set up at his/her place. So that they could know the truth behind repairmen and how does it work.