What Did She Say?

And then the woman said something that set Bre’s heart on fire. She pointed towards Bre’s boyfriend’s car and said: “I think this is it right here this is his car.” Bre took a while to let her words sink in. She was trying to figure out a way to react on it when she saw something that made her rooted to the spot.

A Lie

The woman’s boyfriend was coming to pick her. She was waiting outside the building with her Uber driver. Bre, on the other hand, was trying to believe what she had said. Did he lie about his mother’s health? There were a lot of questions in his head but what happened next gave answers to all her questions.     

The Man

She saw a woman’s boyfriend making way towards her car. The woman had her jaw dropped when she realized who that person was. It was her BOYFRIEND! The woman had been talking about Bre’s boyfriend in the car. She had come to meet her boyfriend.

He Cheated

Clearly, the man lied about his mother. He had not gone to Newyork either. He was right there in his apartment. The guy had been cheating on her with this woman. The man had also seen her. So what was going to happen next?

He Saw Her

The guy had spotted her sitting in the car. He immediately took a turn and ran away. “His a** come out the house ready to assist with luggage AND THE DEVIL ROSE UP OUT OF ME LIKE ARE YOU DEAD A** RIGHT NOW he runs.” He was running towards his apartment. Bre immediately got off her car and started following him. He hardly had reached his apartment’s lobby when she managed to catch him.

She Fought

Bre had completely lost her temper. She started hitting him in front of many people. The man instead of apologizing kept trying to push her away. Bre kept hitting him until she felt someone’s hand on her arm. She turned around to see his boyfriend’s side chick standing in front of her.