I Found You

We don’t know how he got to know about Robertson’s location as it wasn’t disclosed but who cares about that. Faunce found about him and was ready to leave. After he escaped from the prison, his feet led him to South Vietnam and it was there he started his new life with a new identity. John Hartley Robertson became Dang Tan Ngoc. When we first read about this story we couldn’t believe if it was even true, but unfortunately, it was. 

Flying To South Vietnam

Faunce reached South Vietnam and was standing in front of Robertson’s house. Unable to think anything his feet didn’t move an inch. Shaking in anxiety he took a deep breath as he was about to meet a guy whose story was converted into a Documentary. This man actually survived the most controversial war in American history. Moving slowly towards the house he knocked. There he was…

Home Visit

All Faunce wanted to hear the story from Robertson in person. The door opened and there was a man about six feet tall, thinly built, and grey hair. Robertson welcomed Faunce as if they know each other for years. Somehow he knew why Faunce was there, and he had no problem with that. However, Robertson’s wife became very suspicious by the visit. When Robertson entered the house she started shouting, “He’s not American. He’s Vietnamese!” Robertson calmed her down and asked Faunce to settle down but his wife kept staring at him. Then Roberston told him everything.

The Secret Career Path

Robertson’s wife remained worried because of things they did back in the past. It was her who smuggled Robertson out of the prison and over the border. Faunce completely understood her concern and said to her that there is nothing to worry about. He was just there because he wants to know the real story. He wants to know what happened after Robertson escaped the prison. With a deep breath, he spoke…

The Story Of A Soldier

Robertson told Faunce that he graduated from high school in Alabama. After finishing his schooling he joined the Green Berets. There he took the training to become a paratrooper but soon after he was recruited by the CIA and from there, his life changed forever. He was sent Vietnam on secret missions that were very dangerous but he did his best on every mission he was sent to. He didn’t work alone but with a team of Special Forces that worked in major parts of Laos and Cambodia. But what happened after the crash? He told Faunce everything and he couldn’t believe that he survived all that.

Shot Down

The whole team was the best in what they did. It was that one unfateful day when he with his team was flying over the South Asian jungle when an enemy fire shot down the helicopter. The pilot lost control and then it crashed. Roberston was stuck and couldn’t eject himself out, unlike his other team members. The plane was in pieces and he was lying there unconscious. When he came back to his senses he could hear several footsteps getting closer to him with every second and he started running with all the energy he had. What happened next? Faunce asked.