Get Well Soon!

Robertson knew as long as he is not getting healthy there was no harm to him. But he can’t fool the authorities for too long and it wouldn’t take long for them to get suspicious about his plan. With whatever time he had in his hands he made started to memorize the guards’ duties and how much time it takes for the next guard to take the previous guard’s position. He made notes of the list of important entrance and entrances where guards don’t pay much attention to. But then he was hit with something…

Hit By A Cupid

Robertson didn’t realize that he had started to fall for the nurse who was assigned as his caretaker. The feelings were mutual and at one point Robertson dropped the idea of leaving the nurse behind as he was so much in love with the nurse. The nurse was trying her best to make him stronger but was reluctant to do it because she knew what would happen after the authorities would find out about his health condition. But it wasn’t the medicine but love that made Roberston fight for her and his life. We are not making up the story as it really happened. But he had to choose between his freedom and love.

Freedom? Or Love?

They say, “freedom sets us free.” We agree, but in Robertson’s case, it was completely different. He wanted to get out of the hell and also wanted to take the nurse with him. But it wasn’t easy. He didn’t tell her his plan because he thought that this all might be authorities’ plan to make him talk. But it wasn’t true and one day he decided to tell her everything. With all the courage in his heart, he held her hand and spoke his heart out as it was the last time he was talking to her. Indeed it was…

A Difficult Step

After Robertson told everything to the nurse she was shocked but the love kept them together. She decided to help him with his plan. After bidding goodbye to her he escaped the prison with the nurse’s late husband’s ID and memories of the love of his life. Running as fast as he could he didn’t even turn back to take a look at the nurse who was waving him back. What happened after he escaped?

Mystery Location

Faunce who was now very much intrigued by this soldier’s story of struggle decided to find about this person and the only way to find out if the story was even true, he had to find him and ask him in person. Was he even alive? Faunce had to start somewhere because if he was alive, he had to try to bring this lost soldier back home in any way possible. But the question was from where he should start?

First Step…

Being a soldier he still had several contacts in the army. He called one of his friends whom he trusted with his life. He told him about everything with a promise to never speak about it with anyone. Faunce’s friend asked him not to get his hope high but he will try his best to help in any way he can. It was more than enough for Faunce, at least he took the first step towards the investigation about a long lost war hero who went through hell for 44 years. You’ll be both shocked and proud when you’ll hear the story from his Robertson’s mouth. How he managed and survived for 44 years is sort of a movie script but this time it took place in the real world with real people in real situations.