It is such a heartbreaking moment for all of us to see people begging out on streets. Their poor condition, those innocent faces, and the begging hands somewhere make us feel pity about them. We though try our best to help them to an extent but end up feeling helpless after a moment. One can’t do enough to make their lives better, but just help them out financially. Yet, have you ever thought that at times things could be a lot different from what they appear to be?

Two men from Richmond, Virginia came across a strange sight. They saw a panhandler who was a woman, daily at the median on the road. But one day, her actions compelled them to follow her. And what they discover next was outrageous.

That Woman

One can trace many panhandlers on the median at the roads in Richmond. It is not a new sight there. While passing through major intersections of the city, you will come across a few of these. And there was one woman in particular that caught our guys’ eye. Who was she?

Right There

This woman could be found panhandling on the particular median at the road. Every day she would be standing there with a board that read, “Homeless. Help Anything. God Bless”. People would often stop by her and offer her change. But one day she got infamous. Why?

Something Suspicious

The two anonymous men drive through their work from that same road. Almost daily they came across this woman begging for change. But one fine day, she could be seen going crazy over a motorcycle driver for change. The duo knew that something was strange, something suspicious was there but they could not figure out exactly what it was. Thus they dumped their rising suspicion, but soon only the suspicion took over.

Quite Old

The men always put their intuition on the back foot when they realized that this poor panhandler was quite old in age. She must have been around her forties. And at this age, begging for making a living was something really tough. Little did they know that their intuition was the one that will change the way people had been looking at these poor fellow.

The Scene

The men came across the woman for nearly months, but one morning a scene caught their attention. The old panhandler woman went near the passing vehicles and started to shake the paper envelope she was holding, in order to get some pennies probably. But what followed next, made the men act immediately.

Angry Exchanges

The person in the vehicle did not give anything to her even after she shook her envelope a few times over the vehicle’s window. She knocked at the window glass and when she saw no response coming from the other side, she started to abuse and have some angry exchanges with the man. However, this was only the beginning to the mystery that was hidden since long.