Separate Ways

Justin and Amy grew into ambitious teens and soon into responsible adults. They left the kindergarten behind, and what seemed to be puppy love, also faded away. They both went to different paths. Little did they know that their lives were destined to cross each other’s path yet again when incidents would be lined in a manner that will invite a drastic change.

Moving Fast

Time went by like anything. And as they grew old they too forgot that they once had a friend named “Amy” and “Justin” in their respective lives. They met quite a lot of faces as they groomed into their professions. The school was left long behind and so was the childhood crush. But, a lot more was yet to happen.

Beauty With Brain

Amy turned into a gorgeous independent woman. She was sheer beauty and that too with a brain. She was a kind-hearted being, full of life. She could make anyone smile with her liveliness. However, she too had a set of problems that always came unintended to her. A problem that wasn’t exactly a problem until a day.

Relationship Games

Amy always believed in the “fictional-love”. She was on a constant hunt for a partner and a relationship. She found many guys, dated them too, but always ended up in a mess. Her friends warned her that she easily trusts anyone and goes blind in relationships, but she never got this aspect. She was a hopeless romantic. Yet, this wasn’t the end girl!

No, Not That

Well, if you think that her broken heart and betrayed trust was somewhere mend by Justin, then that’s so not the case. Justin’s life was way too different from Amy’s and he was even in a stable relationship. Then what happened?

Commitment Phobic

Amy had many broken relationships. Every time she thought that this one will work out, soon only they again ended up being a failure. She was searching for a dedicated one all her life, but each man she came across turned out to be commitment phobic. She always wondered why things don’t turn good until the day this happened.