Fading Smile

As a few days passed, Nicole again starts to have a toothache. While she initially ignored it, the days that followed her teeth began to melt. Her smile started to fade away as her broken, melted teeth became a problem.  Kimberly was now worried. She calls it as awful.

Again And Again

Time and again, the sisters would visit dentists. And every time they were given the same answers that some filling has to be done in Nicole’s teeth. Also, she was asked to avoid the consumption of sweets. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to help and her problem got severe day by day.

Missing The Old Smile

Nicole was disheartened. She was missing her old smile. She was now a responsible, independent woman and the broken teeth was bringing down her self confidence. She felt ashamed while interacting with people as everyone would question and talk about her teeth.

Other Issues

Nicole’s dental problem heightened. She even lost some of her teeth completely, while the others were chipped. Moreover, now her root canals were also visible. The entire situation was distressing .It was getting worse as the dentists themselves could not get to the cause of the problem.

One Door To Other

For nearly the next 10 years, Nicole and Kimberly visited the best of the dentists they could to get her teeth treated. But, every new attempt with a new doctor would end up in vain. No one could understand why was such a thing happening.


Nicole started to have the worst nightmares. What if all my tooth fall? How will I eat or drink? My friends will make fun of me. My smile will be gone forever and nothing would come easily to me in life. Kimberly couldn’t see her sister in so much pain. Thus, she decides to give a last try.