Tricks And Pranks

Kimberly and Nicole grew into two independent women who had different goals and aspirations in life but shared the same physical features. The girls often prank their friends who would often fail to differentiate between them.

Full Stop

While the girls always loved being misinterpreted, a medical ailment made a major difference. When Nicole’s teeth started to melt away, it became a major concern. She lost her smile and was even scared to open her mouth. This was the time when everyone could easily differentiate amongst the sisters due to the broken teeth.

10 Years Ago

The twin sister’s life took a major backseat when Nicole started to suffer from some major dental problems. It was nearly 10 years back that Nicole was taken to a dentist. She would complain about pain in her mouth. And when the dentist saw the insides of her mouth, he was shocked to say the least.

A Mess

When finally Nicole sat in the dentist’s chair, the dentist was completely taken aback. He along with his assistant started placing the dental tools in Nicole’s mouth. Using a mouth mirror the dentist saw that Nicole had a lot of dental issues, ranging from cavities to fungal infections, but even he had this question, “how did these teeth melt away”?


As a grown-up adult, Nicole paid close attention to her dental health. She would brush her teeth twice and even used a mouthwash. And when the dentist told her about the dental issues she was totally shocked. However, the dentist knew he had to fill in the cavities. Unfortunately, after doing so, the problems started to worsen.

Special Instructions

The dentist filled in Nicole’s teeth cavities and even prescribed certain mineral tablets. Moreover, a special dental toothpaste was what Nicole was asked to use. After a dental check-up and treatment, Nicole and Kimberly thought that everything would be fine, but nothing went right.