Going Crazy

As Lisa was enjoying every moment with Ryan, the morning had decided to surprise them more. While Ryan was anxious to find something over the hill, only after trekking a few kilometers the metal detector beeped and the duo went crazy. What will it be?

Excitement Takes Over

Though Lisa wasn’t very hopeful about finding anything substantial, as Ryan went forward to dig and even Lisa’s excitement was building up. She was lost in thoughts that what would they do if they actually laid their hands over something great. Even if it was an artifact or something, it would cost millions…

Dirt All Around

As the metal detector was indicating towards high intensity, Ryan was thrilled. He wears his digging gloves and with a shovel starts to dig. He just wanted to reach to the spot which made the detector beeped. He knew something great had been hiding there. Little did he know that it wasn’t only great but something beyond imagination.

Something Shining

As he digs the first layer of the soil, he did not find anything. But keeping his hopes intact he goes for digging a little more deep. And there it was, a shiny substance was glittering at Ryan. However, Ryan had no clues that it was only the tip of the iceberg.

Not Sure

Ryan moves forward to see what was it that outshined like that. He bends to pick it up. The shining substance appeared to be something like a coin but Lisa was anticipating it to be a metal cap. As Ryan gets hold of the shining substance he was taken aback. He had his heart in his mouth.

Historical Find

Ryan has a closer look at that shining substance and was stunned to realize that it was a historical coin. The coin belonged to the 1800s. It was an ancient one with something engraved over it. He was thrilled but he was a little suspicious. He said to himself, “the intensity which metal detector pointed towards was quite high and it couldn’t be for this coin.” He started to dig further and this time quite quickly.