A dog getting abandoned might literally be one of the saddest things you could hear of. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see the look on the canine’s face when they realize they are unwanted. To even think about someone being cruel enough to leave their pets behind is something truly difficult. This dog luckily had one of the most epic rescue stories after being left to die…

Roaming About

When you think about it, what could be so wrong with a dog that makes anyone decide that they are no longer worth keeping? Surely there must always be a good reason, right? Bobi here is a tiny white Lab/Shepherd mix dog. This little pup had been roaming the streets of Romania, walking alone in the cold heartless weather. He had no company and was indeed very scared.


So what was in store for the little white pup? He was surely helpless because he was so small and so lost, all alone with no one for a company. He had been walking aimlessly until he reached a railroad station. There, someone finally took notice of him. Rescuers were slowly becoming a little worried as to why Bobi would spend time at the train tracks. He could have been hit by a train!

Tricky Rescue

So to see a dog hanging around on the train track was clearly a bizarre sight. It alarmed many people who were staying close to the railroad.  Since they did not want to risk any chance of Bobi being saved from the train tracks, they needed to come up with a plan B. They could not startle the dog. So soon enough after brainstorming, the rescuers came up with a new plan that might work.


So what exactly was their plan when they decided to try and rescue the poor homeless dog from his terrible living condition? The rescuers, after contemplating for a while, decided that waiting and following the dog around would be a good idea. They then worked hard to get Bobi to a safer area. Finally, they could get Bobi to come off the tracks and into an open space. This was just the beginning.

Running Away

Since Bobi had been alone without anyone to go to for such a long time, he had gone very timid. They had to be patient and very hard working to make sure he understood that they meant no harm to him. It was quite a struggle as every time anyone tried to get near him, the dog would get scared off. After he saw they tried so hard, he finally saw that they wanted to help.

With Treats

So the whole team had been trying to warm up to Bobi for a while now until they knew he understood that they were here to help. Eventually, Bobi started to also show that he was not scared anymore, that they were just trying to save him. They cleverly made use of a treat to show that they just wanted to help him. He could finally be cornered.