Have you ever found something that you really like but end up returning it because it is not yours and could hold sentimental value to the previous owner? This woman found a mysterious item in a bag she purchased but decided to find its previous owner as it may potentially be very valuable and that the owner may have accidentally dropped it off as a donation.

Meet Sarah Thomas


A bargain hunter by the name of Sarah Thomas had discovered something very peculiar about a diaper bag she recently got which felt way too heavy to be empty. It was not a exactly a fancy bag with a logo but it was in good shape. Looking in the concealer portion, she found a shocking item that was never supposed to be there in the first place.

A Mysterious Item

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Sarah was adamant on returning the object to the previous owner as it could be far too precious to just take with her. So, she made an effort to find out the reason, or rather, the person behind the mysterious item she had found from the bag.

Bargain Hunter Episodes



On Facebook, Sarah owns a bargaining store which proves how serious she takes the bargaining business. Sarah’s Southern Oregon 2nd Hand Deals is what she calls her store. Her aim is to provide good deals on everyday necessities ranging from handbags to baby clothes.

Occasional Self-Gaining

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Since Sarah enjoys looking for any good item, her findings vary from clothes to electronics to even trinkets.With all this hunting, she still finds time to shop for herself. She often spends her free time hunting for bargains for herself and not always thinking of her online shop.

On One Of Her Shopping Days

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Just like any of her age-mates, Sarah loves shopping for stuff not only for herself but for her other family members or even commodities for her home. She would often carry shopping bags to carry stuff she found for herself and her family members. During one of her own shopping rounds, the story of the mysterious item all began.

One Great Deal


Goodwill being one of the most convenient places to buy stuff from, it is exactly where bargainer Sarah decided to do her shopping from. She went to the nearest goodwill and an item had caught her eye there and it was a beautiful vintage designer diaper bag that was better than any wholesale bag she had ever found. She was set on getting it for herself.