Still a lot to learn about animals

This weird incident took place back in 2007, and it had somehow defied all the rules of nature. The two of them were kept in prison, while one of the prisoners is looking almost a bit too fearful other one chose to follow his instincts. The prisoner in question here is a wolf who had been kept and starved for some time and a donkey who had recently been introduced to him. What happened when they both saw each-other is truly remarkable.

The Secluded Place Of Patok

The village in front of you here is Patok village in Albania, it’s situated just 25 miles to the northwestern side of the capital of the country, Tirana. This place is infamous for being completely remote and scarily quiet, sitting just beside the country of Lezhe which is popular for its amazing beaches and breath-taking mountains. So, it comes as no surprise that countless wild animals have made this place their home.

An Abundance Of Wildlife

Wild boar, jackals, Fox, bears, and wolves are just a few of the many commonly known wild animals that can be seen roaming the lands outside of Patok. But unfortunately for them, there have been recently a lax in the hunting rules in the region because of which their numbers have been reduced greatly! Upon seeing these diminishing numbers, the government had tightened up the rules and since then the population has seen a stable growth.

Danger Posed By Humans

Currently, in the region, you can find about 250 gray wolves that have been categorized as protected in the Republic of Albania. One can’t be blamed if he hasn’t ever heard of this place, it is indeed a very isolated country in Europe. But there are still a frightening number of perils that can potentially harm the wildlife in the region. And sadly a large portion of which stems from us humans.

A Lone Wolf Captured

For example, back in the month of January of 2007, One random native from Patok came across a lone wolf in the mountain region. for some reason, he decided that it would be a good idea to capture this animal. Perhaps in his mind having a wolf in his passion like this would have elevated his status symbol in the region. Maybe he could have fetched a fine sum by selling this wolf later on.

Kept In A Small Closed Space

For whatever reason he might have captured the poor wolf, future for this wolf was not looking very bright. Since this is such an unusual creature to be kept in captivity, there were no suitable spaces to keep this wolf in. So, the native did his best for the time being and placed him in a cage where this wolf had no space to even walk around.