Looking For It

First things first and the first place Mr. Vang went to look for his wallet was the meeting-room but it wasn’t there and when he asked around about it, all he heard was that no one had seen his wallet. Mr. Vang didn’t waste much time worrying and he thought of checking his car for the same but he had to go to his desk first to pick up his car keys. That’s what stress can do to you. He was trying hard to stay calm but the amount of money he had been carrying was quite significant and the very thought of losing it was agonizing for him.

In The Car

Mr. Vang picked up his car keys hoping for the best and headed straight up to the parking. It was the last place where he could have possibly kept his wallet or dropped it and if his wallet wasn’t there then only God knows where else it could be!He checked every corner of his car in an effort to find his wallet but as it transpired, he had actually lost it.


The wallet was nowhere to be found and the man was now worried sick. He had lost his wallet that contained $1500 cash, an amount that meant a lot to him. I would say that losing $1500 of hard earned money can put anyone in distress and the cash wasn’t the only thing he had lost along with his wallet. He had lost his identification documents, ATM card and his credit cards which he kept in his wallet.

Worst Case Scenario

While losing his wallet was already bad enough, Mr. Vang started imagining the worst of the consequences after realizing that he had misplaced his wallet. The first thing he assumed was what if his wallet ends up in bad hands and his cards get misused? He had already lost a lot of money and he couldn’t afford to lose more and end up being indebted. Was there anything he could do to make things any better? Probably not, but he could save the situation from getting any worse by doing a simple thing.

Doing The Smart Thing

Mr. Vang did what every individual who has lost their wallet should do first. He did the smart thing from his end and immediately blocked all his credit cards so they couldn’t be misused. Most of the people take too long in doing so and there are times when their cards are misused by malicious people. Not only that, but he also decided to get it reported in the police station after finishing his office hours so that his Id’s don’t get misused as well.

Not Telling Her

After realizing the harsh reality of losing his wallet, Mr. Vang was worried as he had been carrying those $1500 for a special purpose and he hadn’t told his wife about it yet. So he decided not to call his wife and tell her that he had lost his wallet that had $1500 of cash stashed in it. He didn’t want to grow Melissa’s worry but she would soon get the news in the most unexpected way ever.