Hard Working
A Hard Worker

So the janitor who had been helping so many students from this school goes by the name Carolyn Collins. Where was the school she works in you ask? Well, Carolyn works at Tucker High School which is the only public school in Tucker, Georgia. Carolyn is someone who is a superb janitor. She was always keeping the classrooms, hallways, and the other facilities at the school in tip-top shape.

A Grim Secret

Not only was she an efficient cleaner, but her personality was also the kind that everyone got along with. She was friendly with all the teachers and staff, and even the students have all shown that they like her company as well. But there was about to be a discovery made by her that was quite grim. The school was holding a dark secret, Carolyn was soon about to find out.

A Morning Shift
A Morning Shift

One fateful morning, something strange was about to happen. Something that completely took Carolyn by surprise. She had been assigned to do an early morning shift in the year 2014. This happened during the time school was not yet opened. She assumed that this day was going to be quite a quiet and empty one. Another worker from school approached her to take care of a few students, which she thought was odd.

An Odd Incident

Carolyn had reached the school pretty early because her shift was for the morning hours. The kids had been dropped off very early in the day and were left with nothing to do. This was a very strange instance to happen because, on other days, students would never reach this early. Everyone knows for a fact that school kids never want to reach school earlier than they have to. So Carolyn was set on getting to the bottom of this.

A Sad Story
A Sad Story

Since she had been working at the school for a long while, Carolyn knew that there was something fishing going on. She was curious and so she made an attempt to find the reason why these children were there so early. Even though most of them did not want to speak to he, she still kept trying. Carolyn was having a conversation with two siblings who obviously wanted to say something but were a little timid…

Telling The Truth

As we had mentioned before, Carolyn is a warm person who makes everyone around her feel comfortable. So they quickly learned to trust her. Since she was such a caring and delightful person, they were ready, to tell the truth to Carolyn. It turned out that this was an even more serious case than Carolyn had expected. It was a news that Carolyn knew she had to do something about immediately.