This WORLD is the biggest MIRACLE and NATURE is the biggest MAGICIAN. We have seen many miracles in the world and many are yet to be revealed. Whereas some are standing exposed, there are some still in a state of obscurity. Those who are yet to be found are the one we address as a mystery. Till now humans have managed to solve many mysteries of nature and continues to do so. But apart from all these, there are some mysteries that we don’t know if exists. In this story, a group of scientists discovers something in a sinkhole that nobody had even heard of. The discovery was made in the Fengshan county of China by a group of explorer.

Fengshan County

Fengshan County is a small county situated in the northwest of Guangxi. This beautiful region has a large mountain range that looks like a phoenix sprawling its wings. The county is established on a number of geological structures that also includes Karst. You must be wondering what Karst is? Well, the structure is designed from the dissolution of soluble rocks i.e. dolomite, gypsum, and limestone. Apart from that, the county is also known for sinkholes, underground drainage systems, and caves.       

Point Of Attraction

Fengshan county has always been a center of attraction for geologists, thanks to the sinkholes that form an integral part of the region. Although the region has many sinkholes, there is one that stood apart from all of them. This sinkhole caught the attention of scientists and a group of American and British scientists was formed to explore the region.

Formation Of Team

The team consisted of 19 scientists and it had British and Chinese scientists both. It was on October 4, 2018, the team started the four-day long expedition. The journey included trekking through the lofty and vast mountains. The experts represented two organization namely, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences Institute of Karst Geology headed by Zhang Yuanhai, and International Cave Association by Andy Evans.        

Going Places

They had to undertake a long journey as the sinkhole was located at the other end of the mountain. However, the team managed to reach the place after crossing Haiting a village and finally succeeded in finding out the sinkhole situated in the middle of the Nongle mountains. Well, they all had waited for this moment and when they reached the place their eyes lighted up with the curiosity. 

Fighting The Odds

This sinkhole was very deep. They were expecting to find some amazing thing inside but what they were actually going to discover was way beyond their imagination. The hole was all dark waiting to be illuminated. Now the question was how were they going to descend into this vast sinkhole. The entrance was just right before them. Now all they had to do was to step inside it. 

In Abundance

Fengshan County has many sinkholes. The region is immensely beautiful and only because of that it has emerged as the favorite tourist attraction of the world, primarily for its mountains. That is the reason why the county is mainly thronged by geologists, photographers and adventurous spirits.  But this time the county was going to catch worldwide attention for a whole different reason.