After watching the sun setting from his window, all he asked was to rise it again. The night scares him and the thought of sleeping alone in his bed made his heart beats off the charts. The last sunset he saw changed everything for him. Splashing his hands in the water for the help from anybody who could see him where his voice was filled with waters made him scared for his life. When he thought it would be the last sunset of his life an unknown hand grabbed and pulled him out of the waters. His eyes were closed in fear and his mind setting down like the sun, he opened his eyes to see what just happened. That was the last sunset he saw and every other after that from the window of his house.
The sea is a whole different world out there. The mystery of the blue world makes many people wonder about it. There is a lot that stays hidden deep inside it and this marine biologist managed to discover one of the secrets that remained hidden inside the cold waters of North Atlantic.

What Do We Know?

Reading about the books related to human civilization could tell everything we want to know. But do you anything about vertebrates? One question, how old these vertebrates really are? Thinking about their age could make our head spin for a moment because it is a known fact that we don’t know anything them. But this marine biologist found an ancient vertebrate and you’ll be shocked to know its age which is something you can’t even guess. Okay, we ask you to guess its age and see if your guess is right or wrong, okay?

 Julius Nielsen

This ancient living vertebrate was discovered by a budding biologist Julius Nielsen and his team. The moment he saw this creature for the first time, he knew for a fact, that is not a usual vertebrate we see every day but something more unbelievable. But he wasn’t there this purpose but for something else when he discovered it. He and his team were shocked to the core when they saw it for the first time. 

Catching It Off Guard

Julius Nielsen and his team which consisted with the Ph.D. students from the Marine Biological Department at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH). This team became the first to discover this amazing ancient creature which was surprisingly alive after being so old. How much old? You ask. You’ll find out soon.

Coast Of Greenland

The team of researchers which included several Ph.D. students from the same department of Julius were out there in search of something else in North Antarctica when they caught a glance of something moving in the waters. It was then the team realized that it’s not something we see on a daily basis in these waters. It was an important discovery.

An Important Find

Julius knew what an important discovery they had made in the waters of North Antarctica at the coast of Greenland. The discovery when came out in open went viral in the science community and in the world. Everybody was shocked to hear about this unbelievable creature who was still alive in the ocean. Soon anybody could talk about was this ancient vertebrate. The story was then published in the academic journal Science.

All About The Discovery

After this discovery was out in the open, Julius talked to around 90 journalists that too in just three days. Julius was surrounded with every type of journalists because every media house wanted to know more about the discovery. From the New York Times to Press for Kids, there were 1,200 articles about this amazing discovery in just 48 hours of the findings. The hype was real, guys.