Decades Of Emptiness

The person told the cops that he has been living in the area for over two decades now and this house has been the same way since then. The last family to live there was somewhere in the early 90s. The family that lived there left the home one by one.

One By One

At first, the kids left after finishing their school for further studies and settled in different cities. Their parents separated soon after the kids left the home. After their separation, they left the home and never returned to the place where they made so many memories together. And that’s how people used to say this house was left to the hands of abandonment.

Lost In TimeThe Inside Was Worse

After the family moved out, this house somewhere stayed lost in time. Nobody paid attention to it, nobody went inside and people even forgot that this house existed until it grabbed everyone’s attention one fine day for one weird reason.

Becoming A Scary Piece 

The person told the officers that the entire society’s people call it the haunted house. There were actually some unusual activities about this house which started worrying all of them. According to them, there was something inside the house, it could be anything and they felt it would be better for the cops to check on it. But was this home indeed haunted?

Keeping The Kids Away

Well, even if most of us don’t believe in ghosts stories, this topic often leads to interesting conversations most of the times. The locality people were using such ghost stories for one more important reason; to keep the kids away. After all, at least one kid out of every group of friends would be curious enough to plan to explore the vacated house in the area. But did this trick even work?

Intriguing Stories

It was one of the most effective ways to keep the kids away from the abandoned house. Not to deny that there were still a few odd one outs who weren’t scared rather intrigued by these stories. Just to keep their kids away from the old building but from the past couple of days, there was something different about this place. And it became necessary to call the cops when one of the kids decided to go in to check on the place and came out terrified. What was it that the kid had seen inside?