Boeing 787 is a blessing for those who don’t like long and noisy traveling. It came to the picture when it flew in 2009. This giant body is adorned with several new stunning features that make the ride even more memorable. The features include relieving lights, luxurious atmosphere, highly advanced technology and many more. 787 has been launched as a replacement for 747. The plane can accommodate a great number of people. It is like a breath of fresh air to the airplane lovers, it successfully replaces 747 an aircraft that has a lot of distinguish features. If this much of description is startling you then believe it is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more to it that you would surely love to know. Just read out about this magnificent model that gives inspiration to many airplane designers.

Nothing Like Anything!

The Boeing 787-9 made its debut at Farnborough air show. This aircraft has made the long distance traveling very bearable as it takes only 20 hours to cover the long distances. It has 54,500 pounds maximum take-off weight. The Airbus is capable of carrying 280 passengers in three-class arrangements that stretches to 14,140 km. The number of seats in the 787-9 outnumbers the seating number of  787-8 that falls short of 40 seats. Though the plan to get it into service started from 2010 it had its first commercial flight in 2014 in which it journeyed from Auckland to Sydney. Prior to that, it flew for the first time from Paine Field in 2013.

Display At Farnborough Airshow

The Farnborough Airshow which is an international air show was the place where 787 was put on display before its running. The airplane showed stability and strength of the design. The most amazing fact about the plane is that it did not make any noise while flying high in the sky during the show. What hypnotized the audience was its steep climbs, tight banking and smooth landing. No doubt, It succeeded in winning the heart of every viewer with its remarkable features and flying skills. Farnborough Airshow is an event where major aerospace demonstrates their flying skills to the public. The event spawns for a week. 

The Ultimate Test!

787 pulled off an ultimate wing load test in 2010. In order to perform the test, the airframe of aircraft was loaded with the pressure that amounted to 150 percent of extreme force any airplane would have ever borne while being in service. The examination saw the wings of the aircraft moving upward by approximately 25 feet. The test took over two-hour to complete and every movement of the wings was closely watched by the officials. All important facts and facets of the aircraft were also monitored during the test. Apparently, the test gave positive results and we got one more amazing flight service commenced in the aerospace world.

Packed With An Unusual Cockpit!

It is also equipped with “fly-by-wire” control system that shares a similar design with Boeing 777. The cockpit of the Boeing 787 has many things in common with its previous models. It has been done intentionally to make it easy for the piolets to get familiar with this model. Along with that, it’s flight deck also has LCD multi-function displays that use industry standard Graphical Interface Widget Toolkit. The deck also has two heads-up displays as a standard feature. The cockpit has two yokes, one in front and the second in the center for the captain and first officer respectively. 

A Boon For Pilots!

The Boeing 787  also consists of Head-Up Display. HUD is very helpful for the pilot as it enables them to gather data without getting deviated from their usual viewpoints. The instrument is called head up because it makes a pilot look for information by having his head angled up instead of angling down percieving the down held equipment. It is advantageous in many ways as it does not require the pilot to refocus its view for distant things after looking at the optically nearer equipment. This instrument installed in the Boeing brings it at par with the military aircraft.

Features Shaping Future Of Aerospace!

The Shark-Fin Nose of aircraft is the product of an experiment done by its manufacturer. Naturally, It is the first aircraft to have shark-fin nose design. The good thing is that it got very successful. It has a downward slope that shares more similarity with the Concorde rather than the Boeing 777. Though it was highly anticipated that 787 will have the same design as its previous aircraft Boeing 777, designers were looking for something more impressive and stronger. Hence, they came up with this Shark-Fin Nose design that indeed gathered lots of accolades. The design also bears resemblance with Boeing 757.